DSBC Boat Inspections will be held on the 25 / 26 November 2023 in the PWSC car park. If you don’t make it on this weekend then you will need to make contact with a boat inspector to do your inspection for you. Unfortunately there will be a cost for their time and travel.

R600 – under 6m
R750 – over 6m

S Number

If you join Durban Ski Boat Club with a boat or jetski it is preferable that you convert your number to an S Number (This is not the same as an SR number). If you are a member already and you purchase a boat or jetski then you need to apply for an S Number.

Paper Work:

Please note: If you do not have one of the items listed below when you meet with your Boat Inspector you will be unable to have your boat inspected.

In summary you will need:

  1. COF form
  2. Buoyancy certificate (Valid) No buoyancy certification will be done at boat inspection weekend.  Download Buoyancy Checklist here
  3. Skippers ticket (If you have an Interim Skippers Certificate of Competence please ensure that it is still valid)
  4. VHF Radio licenses (For radio and operator)
  5. Photographs of your boat (showing trailer details) – can be color or black and white on A4 paper.
  6. SAMSA (Version 2.0 – 2018) check list completed
  7. Proof of payment or Receipt for your Boat Inspection Invoice of R600 or R750 as per boat size.

SAMSA survey checklist






Skippers Tickets

If you wish to do a Skippers Course:
Please contact the following directly:

  • Paul Dawson (0824880077)
  • Ronnie Windsor (0828955904)

If you have lost your Skippers Ticket, wish to collect your skippers ticket, or have any queries regards Skippers Tickets:
Please contact Gail at Natal Deep Sea Angling (0312056310) or via email on ; or see link to their website on links page.

Please note:
Natal Deep Sea Angling Association (NDSAA) is no longer located at Durban Ski Boat Club. They are at 15 Gorge Road, Umbilo.

Port Captains Discs (Harbour Permits)

If you plan to use your boat in the harbour you will need a Port Captains Disc (pink disc). Please note this is not required for a jetski as jetskis are not allowed into the harbour.  The disc’s will only become available in April the following year as the validity period for harbour permits is from April to March. If you haven’t received your pink disc please drop an email to and we will make one up for you to collect from  the Admin Office.

VHF Radio Information

In summary you will need the following for this year’s inspection:

  • VHF Operators certificate , issued by a SAMSA accredited organisation . If you currently hold a VHF operators certificate you will only need to do an upgrade.
  • If you own a Ski boat the radio will have to be a fixture on the boat . Jet Ski’s can have a hand held device.
  • The radio must have DSC capability (Red Button) Please speak to your dealer as to the best option and price
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