Launching in the Dark

LAUNCHING in the dark

  • Only allowed if both the Vessel & Skipper are Night Rated.
    Tractor drivers duty hours are as follows:

    Summer 4:00 – 18:00  (7 Days a Week)
    Winter 5:00 – 18:00 (7 Days a Week)

    Our Drivers are a special part of the family, please treat them with the respect they deserve at all times.

    Their shifts are posted in the launch control hut. If a tractor driver is not awake at the launch control hut you will need to wake him up. Drivers’ cell numbers as well as a Club contact cell number are also available in the hut. Only wake up the driver on duty that day. If you want to make a night launch the skipper needs to arrange with the driver on duty.

  • Please pay the driver R80 for any tractor tow services outside standard duty hours as their DSBC remuneration does not cover this. Even if you are 1 minute before 4am or 1 minute after 6pm you are required to pay R80 to the driver – no exceptions & no debate. The time on the tractor drivers watch will be the club time. If you are caught short for cash and can’t pay him before you leave the club, then he will take your S/DUC number and hand it in at DSBC accounts who will debit your account and settle with the driver.

  • The drivers will not tow non-members after hours unless you pay them in cash before you launch.

  • Vessels and / or skippers that are not night rated can only launch after first light. For practical reasons we define FIRST LIGHT as once we can clearly see the end of north pier. If you are unsure please get clearance from the radio / safety officer on tower duty on weekends.

  • Warming motors – This is a sheltered launch. You don’t need to warm motors in a SW wind or calm conditions. For 2 strokes in a NE wind or shore-break that need to warm motors, please do this on the beach using a hose coupled to your live bait tank or bucket on the boat. If you are unclear how to do this please ask one of the committee members who will gladly explain how this works.

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