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“Ordinary – Angling Affiliated” (those the pay the NDSAA Levy) and “Ordinary – Recreational Sporting” memberships will receive preference over “Social” membership applications. NOTE: There are plenty spots available for membership of all categories, membership preferences will currently not affect your application. Please note that any “Ordinary – Angling Affiliated” membership application must have a copy of your Skippers Ticket and COF of your deep-sea fishing boat included. If you are applying and have not registered your doat yet then selection the option for an S Number, which you will use when sea-worthying your boat.

To apply for membership at DSBC please download the Membership Form PDF, print, full in, attach photographs and scan document and email to together with the relevant documentation. Remember you need two people that are currently paid-up members of the club to propose and second you- they both need to be ordinary members of DSBC for two years or more. Should you not be able to find a Proposer and/or Seconder then download and complete the “Letter of Motivation” and submit this with your application. Once the committee has met (Committee Meeting held on the last Wednesday of the month), a decision will be made regarding your membership application, the office will then contact you during the following month and conclude your application. Once your application has been accepted in principle you will be invited to attend an induction, the invite will go out via email. Please make sure you have an email address on your application form as this is the preferred method of communication.

Please Note: You are encouraged to attend the induction as it explains some of the inner works of the club.

There are multiple ways to pay your subscriptions so take note of all correspondence sent by the office.

Our financial year runs from 01 August to 31 July. Subs are due on the 01 August every year, irrespective of the month you joined the club. Please note that if subs are not settled in full by the end of September of that year, then a rejoining fee (equivalent to the new member Joining Fee) will be payable together with the full outstanding subs amount. Members who join between January and July will pay pro rata subs for their first year.

Subscriptions for 2023/2024 year as follows:

  • Ordinary member – Angling Affiliated:
    R2600    (1 loyalty card, excludes R285 NDSAA levy)
  • Ordinary member (AA) – Spouse or Life Partner
    R1300 (1 loyalty card)
  • Ordinary member – Recreational Sporting:
    R2600    (1 loyalty card, No NDSAA levy applicable)
  • Ordinary member (RS) – Spouse or Life Partner
    R1300 (1 loyalty card)
  • Social member:
    R3180 (1 loyalty card)
  • Social member – Spouse/Life Partner:
    R1590(1 loyalty card)
  • Country member – (Proof required – 1 loyalty card):
  • Junior / Student member: (Proof required: 1 loyalty)
    R650 (Does not include NDSAA Levy of R285)
  • S-Number Fee:
  • Tractor levy:
  • Boat Inspection Fee:
    R600 – under 6m
    R750 – over 6m
  • Entrance Fee:

Once off entrance Fee:    R1 350

Application Form

Letter of Motivation

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