Tractor Tow Launch

Tractor Tow Launch

  • Drive in via the automated boom gate with PWC card access (please don’t use the other gate closest to the beach).
  • Please keep access to the boom gate free by parking your boat away from the boom, towards the road leading behind the club house. Other vehicles/ boat trailers to be parked as close behind as possible. You can park on either side of the rope demarcating the parking area. Be considerate – space is at a premium and be organised so we can clear the way for other boats ASAP.

  • During duty hours, if the drivers are not currently attending to a boat they will usually be either at the tractor shed or launch control hut. The guards at the launch control hut should have an idea of where the duty drivers are and can radio each other to locate the drivers.

  • When there is a queue we use the “golf ball in the pipe system” to ensure boats are launched in the order they arrive, dependant on you being ready by the time it’s your turn. There is a red painted pipe mounted on the light pole adjacent to the paddle ski container storage. Mark your golf ball with your boat number.

  • This is a sheltered launch. You don’t need to warm motors in a SW wind or calm conditions. However for 2 strokes in a NE wind or shore-break that need to warm motors, you may warm your motors at the wash bay before launching only after 4am and before 6pm. Please don’t rev your motors unnecessarily. Please be considerate of residents in our precinct and just warm them sufficiently to clear the small shore-break. The committee will investigate complaints against skippers who cause unnecessary noise and sanction them if and when necessary.

  • Hitch up your own trailer when it’s your turn – and secure with a chain which will allow speedy trailer recovery should your trailer come off the tow hitch during the launch.

  • The tractor driver will launch you and leave your trailer on the beach.

  • When you return let the tractor driver drop off 1 crew to sign the register while he tows your boat to the parking area. Please don’t ask the tractor driver to wait for you while you find your place in the register and/ or cause congestion outside the office. It is the skippers responsibility to ensure his vessel does not cause congestion anywhere between the beach entry/exit point and the parking area.