Non-dsbc Boats

Non-DSBC Boats

  • If you are not a DSBC boat (S number) or DUC boat then you must pay to launch whether you self-launch or require a tractor tow. Members who launch with different boat numbers are to please ensure that their numbers are on the “Non-Club Numbers” register to ensure that they won’t be charged to launch.
  • The schedule of fees payable is available in the launch control hut and at PWC offices. The guard will charge the relevant fee and give you a receipt. Please ensure to keep this as proof of payment.
  • DSBC is responsible for safety at this launch site. You are not permitted to launch if your vessel does not have a valid COF and / or if the skipper does not have a skipper’s certificate. We do not check this or ask you to show the radio operator on duty, however any DSBC committee member and the radio officer on duty is entitled to ask you to verify this before your launch or on your return. If you are found to have launched without complying with the required safety requirements the committee will investigate and sanction, if necessary, any skippers found to be violating safety regulations. Your safety is our primary concern. No fish is worth risking life or injury to you, your crew and / or other people on the beach or in the water.
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