Point WATER SPORTS Clubhouse

We have moved a few 100 metres down the road to join with Durban Undersea Club and share the Point Watersports Clubhouse. This is however a temporary move while the new walkway is built. Once completed we will return back to almost the same spot with a new club built under the walkway that we will continue to share with DUC.

We look forward to everyone embracing the change, as they say: “a change is as good as a holiday” and the change of scenery is spectacular.. especially as the cruise liners leave the harbour and hoot on their way past.

Access to the Club


Tandem parking for tow vehicles with boats on trailers is reserved on weekends and public holidays when the weather forecast is good for fishing.
A hazard tape will cordon-off the following areas for boats / tow vehicles returning to the club after fishing:
i. From the boom gate to the last surf-ski storage container.
ii. From the wash-bay to the harbour channel corner of the parking area.

Club hours

We are closed on Mondays and the club is locked every night. However you will have access to the toilets on the white tent side of the club at anytime as we know that you do like to launch at all hours! Club opens daily at 6am and we will try to serve coffee and crunchies as soon as possible thereafter

Tuesday to Saturday

Kitchen: 7:00 – 19:00
Bar: 10:00 – 19:30
Office: 9:00 – 15:00


Kitchen: 7:00 – 17:45
Bar: 10:00 – 18:30


We will be updating this section weekly with our menu and specials from our kitchen.


  • The wash bay has been designed to wash 4 boats at a time and the water pressure is strong and consistent but this only works IF skippers and crew follow some general guidelines:
  • Park your trailer straight in the demarcated wash-bays with your car in line, not at an angle preventing access to the adjacent bay.
  • Be considerate of other boats waiting to be washed. Get on with the job without delay – remember this facility is provided for a wash up after fishing, not a full valet – you can do that at home.
  • Save water – please don’t leave the tap running while you chat.
  • Remove your vehicle and boat as soon as you have finished – please don’t go and have a beer and leave your boat blocking the wash bay preventing other boats from washing up.
  • You can flush your motors up to 9pm at night – NOT after that please in consideration for our neighbors across the road. We do not want our privileges removed due to complaints. Please do not rev your motors excessively when flushing – this is not necessary as motors can be flushed at idle speed. The committee will investigate and sanction, if necessary, any skippers found to be violating this point.

we’re making waves together