Boat Inspections


DSBC Boat Inspections will be held on the 25 / 26 November 2023 in the PWSC car park. If you don’t make it on this weekend then you will need to make contact with a boat inspector to do your inspection for you. Unfortunately there will be a cost for their time and travel.

Apart from this, same procedure will apply… Please send an email to stating your name, S/DUC number and length of vessel to request an invoice for your Boat Inspection. (Please take note that your annual subscriptions have to be settled in full before you can have your boat inspected). Please settle via EFT (note that payments are to DSBC’s account … make sure to use your customer account code for correct, easy allocation to your account) and print out proof of payment and add this to your paper work. Alternatively if you pay in to the Admin Office please make sure you keep the receipt with your paper.

If you do not have the receipt or proof of payment with you when you meet your Boat Inspector you will not be able to have your boat inspected. First step is to pay!! A reminder that if your boat inspection is outside of the DSBC Boat Inspection weekend you will need to pay the Boat Inspector an additional amount directly to him for his time at the time he inspects your boat.

If you do your inspection on the weekend your cost for a vessel of 6m or less is R600, for a boat over 6m the cost is R750.

Once payment is sorted you can focus on getting everything else ready for your Boat Inspection as listed:

SAMSA survey checklist






  • Download SAMSA Version 2.0 – 2018 survey checklist for your category and complete — you can download it from the correct category link from our website: – Safety Page – Boat Inspections. This form needs to be correctly completed by you prior to the physical inspection and initial each page as well.
  • Please note that DUC inspections have a R280 NDSAA surcharge, should this not have been paid with your membership fees.
  • Your boat MUST be equipped with a VHF Marine DSC (Digital Selective Calling) enabled /or/ voice [Category E only] radio and you must also be in possession of a Radio Operators Certificate for SRC (Short Range Certificate) for the DSC enabled VHF radios /or/ a RT (Restricted Radio Telephone) certificate for voice only operated VHF radios. Please see VHF Radio information to the right of this page. The radio equipment MUST be licensed by ICASA as well.
  • Trailer: make sure your name, boat number, and contact details are clearly visible on your trailer.
  • Buoyancy: You will need a copy of your latest buoyancy certificate which must be valid for the surveyor.  Download Buoyancy Checklist here
  • Please bring photographs of your boat (your name and contact details on your trailer need to be visible). These can be printed in color or black and white on A4 paper. The boat inspector will not be taking the photographs
  • Please ensure you have photocopies of your skippers ticket, ID, buoyancy certificate, Radio licenses, proof of payment of ICASA and photographs with you. NO photocopies will be made in the office! This pack needs to be complete otherwise your boat will not be inspected. If you do not have the legal requirements for the VHF your boat will not be surveyed. Please note that all boat inspection filing has already been filed for storage so there is no easy access to your previous documentation.
  • Make sure you have your receipt or proof of payment with you.
  • Reminder: S Number boats need to be inspected by DSBC Safety Officers only.
  • Please ensure that all your safety equipment is as per the checklist and flares are still valid for at least the next six months of 2022/2023. Fire Extinguishers must also be serviced and valid (We will have a mobile station on site during the survey to get your Fire Extinguishers serviced)
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