What we catch


During the summer months we catch Dorado, starting from October/November which is a great sport fish and makes excellent eating as well. Whilst Yellowfin Tuna are present all year, the larger ones around 30kg appear in October and these fish are targeted by many of our members, using live bait, poppers or trawling lures. From January through to June we get King Mackerel or “Couta” as they are known locally. These fish stocks have reduced significantly over the last decade and you need some patience & skill mixed with a little good fortune to boat some of these excellent eating fish. We also have Queen Mackerel or Natal Snoek caught close to the back line which is a favorite amongst light tackle fishermen as are the “Queenies” or Queenfish which are also around May to September. Queenfish are not great to eat and we encourage you to release them after you have taken a photo. Other summer species include the many varieties of Kingfish and we encourage all fishermen to release the larger GT’s which are the breeding stock. You may be fortunate to catch a Prodigal Son which is both a powerful sport fish as well as excellent eating. During the winter months Garrick caught near the back line provides action for those fishermen targeting gamefish and we also encourage the release of this species as it is preferred as a sport fish rather than as a table fish. For the bottom fishermen there are a number of shallow marks where Daga Salmon are caught and deep water marks where Geelbek are caught. Most fish species are subject to size limits and bag limits and we ask all skippers and crew who launch from DSBC to strictly obey they regulations. We do get a number of Sailfish caught off Durban every year, ranging from 15 – 30kg and occasionally Black Marlin are caught by boats targeting Dorado on Kona’s in the summer.
We have a Brag board in the club and every year we start with a clean slate and give you a chance to get your name on the board for the biggest fish of any particular species. If you think you may have caught the biggest fish please ask for it to be weighed on the club scale and please notify the committee. Lastly, please send in your pic on “What’s app” to the DSBC chat group so that we can feature your catch on Facebook and Instagram. Ask any committee member or friend who is on the group to add you to the group.

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