Our club is a licensed premises and as such no alcohol may be brought on to the premises.

  • The use of all club facilities is at your own risk.
  • Speed limit in the club grounds is 15km/hour.
  • The security at the gate reserves the right to take your loyalty card if it doesn’t open the boom gate and request you to go to the admin office.
  • Membership card can be requested to be presented at any time.
  • Strictly no dogs allowed in the Clubhouse or on the large grass patch in front of the club, no matter how cute you think your puppy is! However this is a small grass patch near the sand pumping station where your fur babies are welcome! However please make sure you pick up your puppy poo!!
  • No ball games allowed in the Clubhouse or on the grass patch.
  • Bad behavior, foul language and being a nuisance to others are not acceptable on club grounds. Members will be held responsible for any damage caused by them, their visitors or their families.
  • No club property to be removed from the club premises!
  • There are some urgent rules that need to be adhered to since moving to our temp site:
    1. When walking to the beach you are only allowed to walk along the North Pier road that runs behind the pump station. Please do not walk towards the end of the North Pier of the harbour or inland.
    2. While walking along the North Pier road you are not allowed to be carrying any alcohol. Port Security have been in contact with us and we have been given strict instructions to obey these rules.


Durban Ski-Boat Club is one of the largest Ski Boat Clubs in the country and hosts the biggest Off Shore Fishing Competition in the world every April. Although primarily a fishing club, it is also a great place for families to spend the weekend. We have an awesome, large grass patch which overlooks the harbour entrance. It is a short walk to the best beach in Durban which is ideal for families, especially those with small children, as there are no strong currents or pounding surf to deal with while having a swim in the warm Indian Ocean, protected by Vetch’s Pier.

Durban Ski Boat Club is one of the oldest fishing clubs in the country.
This can be confirmed when you see that we have a number of gentlemen in our 100 Club. This means that their age plus their number of years as a member of DSBC is equal to 100 or over. These are people we are very privileged to still have as members.

We went through quite a transition last year and have had to vacate our grand old lady clubhouse.. or perhaps a fishing club should be called a grand old gent clubhouse. The old DSBC clubhouse has been demolished as it makes way for the new walkway which will continue from Ushaka to the harbour entrance.

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