Dear DUC and DSBC Members

Social media is alive with posts as to how special today’s date is and we could not miss the opportunity to include it in our heading.

We are expecting a busy club this weekend with relatively good beach going weather forecast. There are also quite a few member functions planned on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so this will add to the buzz at the club.

A reminder that available club parking may be at a premium, especially early on Saturday morning so be prepared to use the pay parking outside the club. Keep R25 in cash handy for this.

What’s Happening at the Club:

FISHING DSBC FESTIVAL 29th April to 1st May – see attachments for details and entries.

SCUBA DIVING Sodwana Dash 11th to 14th March – see attachment for details

OPENWATER SWIMMING Month end league swim Saturday 26th February – see attachment for details

Wednesday 23rd February
Happy Hour: 30% off members drink prices excluding soft drinks.
Wednesday 5pm to 6pm.

Thursday 24th February
Club Night
Weather forecast is for a warm afternoon and evening between when the east wind turns to a west and the hot berg wind puffs. Cool down at the club with an evening swim and a meal.

Friday 25th February
Family Friday (and pay day!)
Surf Ski Marine Series race 5

Saturday 26th February
Early: Spearfishing Competition – Contact Chris West for details – 0824404919
6.45am Open Water Swimming – contact Steve
3pm to 7pm Saturday Sunset Session – Live Music with DJ Sbi
4.30 pm to 6pm Happy Hour: 30% off members drink prices excluding soft drinks.

Sunday 27th February
1pm to 5pm Sunday Party Vibes with live music by Igal

This week’s menu specials

Smoked Chicken Salad with Cajun Dressing on Mixed Greens and Grilled Corn R 80
Beef Fillet 200g Dijon Mustard Hollandaise Sauce, green beans and baby potatoes R 120

Wednesday 23rd February

  • Burger Beer Special – Bacon & Cheese R75
    and Crispy Onion Ring Burger With a 440ml can of Priestly
  • Lamb Curry and Rice with Sambals R90
  • Prawn Curry and Rice with sambals R90

Thursday 24th February Club Night

  • Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 95
  • NEW* Paprika and Ginger Roast Chicken R75
    with Mediterranean Stuffing and vegetables

Friday 25th February – Family Friday

  • Eisbien with vegetables R 98
  • Roast Beef and Vegetables R 98
  • Pie Chips, coleslaw and Gravy!! Friday Only R 70 Served with a Lemon Flying Fish Beer

Sunday 27th February

  • Quick Meal Breakfast
  • Pork Belly Roast and vegetables R 95
  • Stuffed Chicken with a Creamy Lemon Sauce and vegetables R 75

We look forward to seeing you at the club

The PWC Team

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