Our fishing grounds


There is excellent fishing to be had in the Durban basin northwards from the launch site up to Umhlanga Rocks where boats will congregate on the Umhlanga barge or Fontao – a sunken Mozambique fishing trawler and you do not need to venture deeper than approximately 6km offshore. Beyond Umhlanga are Peace Cottage, Selection Reef and the Umdloti drop-off area and beyond that you will find great fishing grounds all the way up the north coast to Tongaat and Ballito. If you prefer to fish south of the launch site there are a number of reefs along the Bluff and down towards Amanzimtoti. For those with larger boats and 4 stroke motors you can reach Aliwal Shoal and return in a day.

Live bait can be caught off the South Pier but beware of the swell pushing onto the breakwater. Limestone Reef area usually has live bait as does the Containers, a short ride northwards or 8 fathom a few kilometers south of the launch site. Members will probably gladly share bait marks with you although you may need to work hard to persuade them to share their favorite fishing marks. Wherever you fish, we encourage you to protect our ocean and its precious resources and please do dispose of any litter over board. Boats will often encounter whales heading north to breed in the winter and southwards in the spring as they return home with their calves. Please respect them and keep your distance.

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