Dear DUC and DSBC Members

In the pre social media era, club members used to meet at the water sports clubs on Thursday evenings to plan the upcoming weekend’s activities. This became known as “Club Night” where members had the opportunity to meet up with their fellow water sport enthusiasts over a meal and a drink or two while discussing their plans for the weekend.

It seems that this tradition is still going strong as the club was well supported by the members for Club Night last night. The staff had their first proper “workout” of the new clubhouse trying to service all the members in the two-hour dinner window between 6pm and 8pm.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Surf Ski update

The surf ski storage racks are nearing completion as well as the new access ramp to the open parking area.

Please refer to the attachment for more details on the rack allocations.

Ice Sales

Although the windy season has put a temporary spanner in the works of the fishing activities of the club members, when the wind does give us a gap to head out to sea, ice sales are now available from the bait store which is located right next to the entrance from the club by the launch access to the beach.

Environment – Vetches Reef and Beach Clean Up 9 am Sat 17th Oct
After months of neglect, the reef and beach are due for TLC from the members – please refer to the attachment for details or contact Lindsay on

For Covid compliance reasons, please pre – register for the event by emailing:

Heads up Halloween Party Sat 31st October

This will be the first member club party planned at the new venue which will be a family affair with scary décor for the kids and a DJ to set the party mood.
Darry Cheek from Cheers Hiring and Kirsty McKnight from Design Sense, the interior designer responsible for the look of the new clubhouse, will be teaming up to decorate the club function area.

The club only does Halloween Parties when Oct 31st falls on a Friday or Saturday, so don’t miss this year as Halloween is on a Sunday in 2021. More details to follow.

Functions at the club

“The club is so big and long!” is one of the most common comments from members who have visited the club. The northern section of the club can be closed off from the rest of the club for private functions and is available for private hire by members and is suitable for functions of less than 100 pax. The area has its own bar, kitchen and ablution facilities. The venue hire fee includes exclusive use of the venue for 6 hours as well as use of the club tables and chairs. If required, the club bar and catering facilities must be used (no outside caterers).

Décor, sound, tablecloths etc are for the members own account and to organise, however, Darryl Cheek from Cheers Hiring offers PWC members preferential rates on function hire items.

One tip – don’t plan to have an event at the club entirely outdoors – it may seem romantic to be on the beach but nature has a way of not checking your plans for the day before making its’ own plans.!

The club boardroom which can seat about 15 pax with views of the beach and harbour entrance is also available for hire. Plan for distractions!

Keep safe and sane

The PWC Team

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