Dear DUC and DSBC Members

The weather forecast for this coming weekend is looking good for shaking off the cabin fever and heading off to the beach after last weekend’s incessant rain. Although the club now has more parking available to members than it had for the last 3 years at the temporary site, if the weather is beach friendly ,you can expect that all parking will be fully occupied by 7.30am at the latest on weekends and public holidays.

We urge you if possible, to use only one car to bring the family the club. If the club parking is full when you arrive at the club, there is a pay option park area on the grass behind the clubhouse (R25 – weekends only) or you would need to find parking in the streets around the clubhouse.

Club and Parking access control

Over the past month we have implemented access control on the club entrances and ablutions. During November we will start with the access control for the parking areas.

Although your current membership card may work at the club tills and you have paid your club fees for 20/21, every member will still need to visit the club office to have their membership card activated for club access due to the new access control system that the club is now using

We are using a staged implementation approach to activate members cards for access to avoid a stampede at the club office with card access activations by our 7000 members.

If you have already had your card activated for door and ablution access then you are good to go once the parking access control is implemented – no need to have your card activated again.

If you do not have your card activated before parking access control is implemented, it will mean that you will have to park outside the club grounds, walk into the club, activate your card and then go back to the car to bring it into the club parking.

If you have not yet had your card activated for access, we urge you to visit the club office to activate your card asap. Weekdays between 9am and 3pm is best to avoid the queues.

Shower options

After a respite of 3 years while we were away from the beach at the temporary site, we now have to again deal with blocked drains due to members bringing sand with them into the club ablutions.

We don’t mind sand on the floors in the clubhouse but it is a big NO NO in the club ablutions.

If you do have sand on your feet or body:

  • Option one is to use the outside showers at the southern end of the clubhouse by the vehicle underpass to rinse the sand off before you enter the ablutions.
  • Option two is to use the taps located at the beach side entrance doors (only three doors) to rinse off your feet before entering the clubhouse
  • Option three and best option is to use outside showers located in the south east corner of the gravel car park between the ski storage sheds as these have hot water, a secluded area to change and no drains to block.

Please do not rinse sand off small children in the club basins – they are subject to the same rules as the adults!

Farming tractor starter kit for sale

The club is looking for offers on the following items of club equipment that are no longer required:

  • 2 x 4 Tractor
  • People mover trailer
  • Diesel tank ( 2000 lts?)

These items are available for viewing at the club. Please see attached for pictures and send your offers to

Heads up Boat inspections 28th to 29th November

This is a very important part of ski boating, to ensure our ski boats meet the required safety standards as set down by SAMSA.

The DSBC Safety Officers will be on standby to ensure this runs smoothly, but we are only part of the equation, the other part is you the skipper. By doing your bit and arriving with the correct paperwork you will contribute significantly to making this event a pleasurable one, and fast moving.

Please visit our web site and print off what you need for your boat category. We also require the following.

  • a. Copy of your buoyancy certificate
  • b. Copy of your Skippers Ticket
  • c. Picture of your boat with engines clearly displayed—-also see boat number is also shown on boat.
  • d. Please ensure you have a copy of proof of payment of R1200 for your tractor tows for 2021 Please make sure you have paid your tractor levy. If unpaid your COF will not be processed and your boat will not be able to proceed to sea.
  • e. Proof of payment to ICASA, and copy of your VHF Licence.
  • f. Ensure all equipment is marked with your S or DUC number.
  • g. Make sure your details are on the trailer.
  • h. You need to show proof of payment of R450 if the boat is under 6 meters and R650 if over 6 meters. Payments must be made to the DSBC. See details below.

Please note a fire extinguisher service will be available. This is a cash service.

Very Important. If paying by EFT both the Tractor Tow Fee of R1200 and the R450/R650—depending on size of your ship must be paid into the

Durban Ski Boat Club—Nedbank
Account Number 1192146379
Please bring along proof of payment

Please see DSBC newsletter attached for more DSBC and PWC related news

Live music

Friday 6th November 4pm to 8pm Lance Goldman with Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm
Sunday 8th November 1pm to 5pm Calamity Jam band with Sunday roasts

Missing during inaction.

A SUP has gone missing during the club move. It is a Coreban 14 foot x 27 inch and is the only one in the country so it is easily recognizable. There is a reward of R2000 for its safe return, no questions asked. Please contact Kim Parkes 0825548619.

Keep safe and sane

The PWC Team

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